Augusta Businessman Joe Mullins Provides Support to Team Rubicon and Others Helping Recover from Hurricane Matthew

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

The Florida coast was hammered by Hurricane Matthew but that has not stopped communities from rallying to recover from the damage. Residents of Flagler Beach continue to come together to repair the damage caused by the storm. Volunteers including Joe Mullins of Mullins Management and Entertainment, a company that owns commercial real estate across the Southeast and manages nonprofit events, have worked tirelessly to restore normalcy to the area.  

Team Rubicon is on the scene helping in many ways as well. “Team Rubicon pairs the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions to bring complement other resources in an impacted area,” said Mullins. Joe Mullins is from Augusta, Georgia and travels frequently between his two homes. Last week, Mullins purchased dinner on Wednesday night for the group at Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill. On Thursday night, Mullins supplied dinner for the volunteers at Martins Restaurant. On Friday night Mullins joined a group of 20 other volunteers for dinner at the Topez Hotel where most of damage on A1A was done.   

“We plan to assist in many other ways but it’s great seeing all these people come together. I am happy to help in this way. The work is very tiring for the volunteers and these local restaurants need our support during this time. Just so everyone knows, the restaurants are open and need the support of residents now more than ever.” said Mullins.