New 'Mullins Colony' shopping center set to open in Evans

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – In ten short months, the seven acres off Washington Road went from piles of dirt to black asphalt and big buildings.

Already, people like Kathy McDaniel are anxious to see what’s inside.

“I actually came a day early thinking they had opened. I am so excited they’ve got this,” said McDaniel.

Belk sits at the very center of Mullins Colony, on schedule to open next week.

“We’ll get Belk open, and we’ll finish with more of the décor, the landscaping, and then we’ll turn around and start popping out the other stores.”

It’s the wide open space, dark wood paired with brick and steel Joe Mullins hopes will give this development a different feel from what the county already has.

“I would probably say, you’re going to have restaurants on both sides. You’re going to have a balance and there will be different shops.”

The developer says at least two restaurants should be open by the end of the year. The hope is to bring more with a big emphasis on outdoor seating and open space.

“I'm thrilled I can't wait for this to open to see what they've got,” said McDaniel.

Starting today, you may notice another change. A new traffic signal at Washington Road and the entrance to Mullins Colony. Crews already made the connection from Mullins Crossing to Mullins Colony to help with congestion.

“The traffic signal is huge. That is what delayed everything with the center. We wanted to make sure we had a very good in-and-out to be able to get in and out of the center and be safe,” said Mullins.

Come a year from now, you might hardly recognize what used to be an empty lot.